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Lego Lacerations
2020-04-05, 2:17 p.m.

Last night, as I rushed out the front door I stepped on a Lego and lost my footing. I tumbled down a few steps and came crashing down in the driveway. There I laid for a good few minutes embarrassed at first then worried as pain overtook my body.

I laughed to myself when I thought everyone else in the world is concerned about dying from the virus but my demise will come from a small plastic piece.

The best idea I had to help myself was to call the house phone and, tell whomever that famous phrase we all know by heart now.

Mike (my son in law) answered, ”Hello, what's up?”

I replied, ”lt was that bitch Carole Baskin.”

Just kidding everyone. Lol

What I really said, was ”Help, I've fallen and I can't get up.!”

The end.

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