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Black Bra Bandit
2020-04-02, 5:53 p.m.

This morning, I woke up early because I was craving French Toast. I figured I would be in and out of the kitchen before anyone else woke up.

There were a few dishes in the sink from the night before but I couldn't let that distract me from my mission. I started getting everything ready when I heard someone tiptoeing down the stairs. It was Thelma Mike’s mother in law.

She had some empty baby bottles in her hands and her long dark hair was slightly tousled. I tried to concentrate but my eyes became fixated on what she was wearing. Her shirt was off-white and a bit sheer because I noticed her black bra matched her tight black knit skirt.

Things got progressively worse for me and my French Toast when she passed in the space between me and the stove and her ass brushed against my cock. I pretended to be unfazed but accidentally knocked over a fork that was sitting on the counter. Thelma bent over in front of me with that tight black skirt picked up the fork and said, ”did you need this?”

I was speechless for a few seconds because all I could think about was that ass but I managed to squeak out a thank you and she smiled. I decided at that moment that it was best to excuse myself and come back when she was done.

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