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Delivery Disaster
2018-06-05, 3:59 a.m.

Things are still tense here my tenant is still basically at war with my stepson I don’t think I’m going be able to calm either one down anymore. The latest act of douchebaggery was my stepson accepting a food delivery from door dash and just leaving it out in the rain in front of my tenants door.

Yep, I just received a bunch of angry texts from my tenant saying how he thought the food never came and he opened his door awhile later to see his Greek food getting soaked by the rain.

The food delivery incident was done I think in retaliation for shorting the rent a few dollars on something he needed for the apartment. Last thing I heard tonight was my tenant sending various angry texts to my stepson and wasn’t getting any responses so that means in the morning when I get off of work I’ll run into both of them at the house getting ready to go to work.

Who knows what kind of fireworks I’ll walk into, one things for sure they both have short tempers and this shit is headed for world war 3.

It’s very strange for me to be the calm bystander I’m sleeping longer and better now that I have my blood pressure under control and I’ve cut a lot of the caffeine out I used to drink all night.

My safari browser wasn’t working right at the same time that diaryland was having issues. I cleared the history and now it seems to be letting me log on.

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