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A World To Explore
2022-08-09, 11:22 p.m.

I went out again to the same restaurant as I did yesterday but at a later hour. The place was packed but I forced myself to stay as they discussed where to sit me.

Their first choice was a small table tucked against the wall near a group of older women.

I shook my head no when I thought about being pinned in and my anxiety kicking in. I accepted their second option which was a larger table near the front with room to move about.

An old fool dinning alone amidst lots of long-legged women in sundresses. There are worst ways to spend my evenings.

I don't want this entry to be a list of menu items but more of an acknowledgment that I can change.

It's always so much worse when I hype these situations up in my head. I often fair much better throwing myself into the fray.

Damn, the consequences Jimbo! Just go out there and live your life!

Yes, I have been very busy of late but there is a whole world to explore and I have only just begun.

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