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The Prayer
2021-09-18, 6:45 a.m.

I rushed home again to take Soccara to the hospital but stopped for gas because the tank was almost empty.

The attendant at my regular station is a very happy fellow always smiling never upset no matter the day or the time.

He said, “is everything, good sir?”

My face was probably twisted in so many knots he probably should have called me pretzel head instead of sir.

“No, I said, everything is not good.”

He ran to another car to assist them but signaled to me he would be right back.

Once he returned I didn't give him a chance to speak I just bluntly said, “tell me your secret how do you stay happy all the time?”

He saw me becoming more upset and patted my arm that laid on the ledge.

His smile never dimmed and his expression never changed as he told me everything would be ok.

He explained, “I pray to God sir that is how I remain the way I am.”

He continued, “I have been through many hardships in the five years since I came to this country but God always remains in my heart.”

I said, thank you, I needed to hear that. I reached in my wallet and tossed him a bunch of cash on top of the money I already paid for gas.

He paused for a moment and said, “no sir I can't accept.”

I waved him away and said, we are good no worries.”

As I drove off he said, “remember sir pray to God.”

So as I drove down the road I prayed for God's guidance and assistance in our time of need.

I pulled into the driveway burst into the house and ran upstairs to the bedroom.

Soccara was lying sideways across the bed straddling all the pillows.

A bit puzzled by her lack of movement I said, “how is the pain I thought it was bad.”

“It's stopped for now she said.”

I closed back the door and went downstairs.

We still might end up going to the hospital but for a brief moment, I calmed and repeated my prayer about God's guidance.

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