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Chilly in the office
2018-10-15, 5:30 a.m.

Jeez, it’s getting a little chilly out, this office doesn’t have the heat turned on yet and my hands are so cold I’m hiding them in my sleeves.

Slipped out of character for a moment earlier in my shift and started yelling at one of the drivers “are you a pussy or a man”,,,, it sounds bad but it was more of a raised voice than a yell... still I try not to go to the dark side lol,,,

What’s going on in the house you ask? It’s still looks like a grenade went off in a clothes hamper because of the strangers in my house but the mounds of shit are less and I can almost cross from one room to another without slipping on a matchbox car or fallen pacifier.

I’ve spoke to Mike about me not feeling happy here and he says “give it time” ,,,, yeah ,,, ok,, Hes lucky I REALLY REALLY HATE MOVING! I’m
Too old and too fat to be hauling our stuff all over town.

I heard from Harley this weekend she was sober the whole weekend and was very grumpy. I have kind of avoided talking about this with her,, she’s like yeah, you can talk about anything with me,, then I say something she’s not to keen on and she gets pissed.

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