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World Of Pain
2021-06-02, 1:46 a.m.

I was alone in the house with just my thoughts to keep me company. These are the moments most difficult for me.

I have been taking Soccara’s sleeping pills when she visits with Darlene. There were only three left I took them all and tossed the empty container in the direction of the trash can. It bounced off the rim and onto the floor and I laughed and thought, “hopefully I won't wake up and have to pick that up.”

My dreams are almost never happy and tonight’s was no different.

Why is it rarely colorful in dreamland? does it depend on what I take? That is a worthwhile experiment for another day but I digress.

I chased someone down onto some train tracks in this black and grey world but he eluded me when he jumped over the electrified rail.

I stood there for what seemed liked eternity and debated on whether I should step on it or not. Why did I ponder this? I know it meant certain death.

I guess that difficult decision was too much for me as I awoke alone in bed.

I looked around the room for Soccara to tell her about my dream but she was nowhere to be found.

I looked at the clock and saw the hour was late and thought it was very unlike her to be out.

I walked around to other rooms and yelled out her name but there was nothing but deafening silence.

I was confused but finally, remembered she was staying with Darlene and began to calm down.

There will come a day when she’s not just visiting and no amount of calling out her name will find her.

It will just be me.

The problem is I've never much liked that guy and I predict he’s in for a world of pain.

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