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Window Seat
2021-05-19, 12:24 a.m.

The streets here are all lined with lush green trees and In my haste to go here and there, I tend to take their beauty for granted.

I once had a friend on here who reminded me that not everywhere in the world is like that. Something like that would seem so obvious but it never dawned on me cause this all I have ever known.

I don't know why I remember this but back many moons ago when I was a snot-nosed kid mom took us on a long drive. Gone were all the lush green trees and in its place were rock-faced hills.

It was such a strange extreme to what I was used to I begged for mom to stop the car so I could explore. Of course, my first thousand requests were turned down but finally, she gave in and pulled over to some random patch of land.

I only had a few minutes while mom watched from the car idling nearby. Since time was critical I decided to take samples of rocks with me to study once I got home. It’s pretty funny now that I think back about taking those samples but at that time it seemed like what any normal explorer would do.

The front of my job has a big bay window where I get to enjoy the sunrise’s every morning. To my right, there's a big tree and sometimes I walk out there and take pics of the colorful sunrises with that tree in the foreground.

I'm no Ansel Adams but some of them are pretty good if do say so myself.

Leaving this place means leaving my window and those breathtaking moments the sun climbs just above the horizon.

Working here is a pure hell that is a fact but A job locked away in some windowless room would be the worst punishment imaginable.

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