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Can I have A Burrito? Hold The Hives Please.
2021-05-22, 5:57 a.m.

“Grandpa, did you buy my backpack yet?”

Half asleep I heard her tiny voice and answered,
“No, honey grandpa still asleep he hasn't gone shopping yet.”

I need to stop promising stuff to Abby and everyone else when I'm trying to sleep because I say yes to everything and never remember.

At that moment Soccara rushed into our room in a panic.

I opened my eyes fully to see what the commotion was and saw Soccara distressed and Abby in tears.

It was a major clusterfuck if I ever did see one and that's when I knew I wouldn't be getting any sleep.

Soccara looked worried and said, “something bad is happening to me it looks like an allergic reaction.”

The first thing I thought was it's got to be her 2nd covid shot.

I pleaded with her “please, don't scratch momma, and let me take a look to see what you're talking about.”

Abby stood fairly close to us so I only lifted Soccara’s blouse slightly but I saw the hives instantly.

They were red and blotchy and from what I could tell it had spread down her lower abdomen

“FUCK!” I blurted out.

“We might have to go to the hospital I better get dressed!”

So much for staying calm, now started the interrogation.

I need to know everything you've eaten in the last few hours.

Soccara was annoyed and said, “you know all that and I'm not going to the hospital.”

That's when I gave her the look. The one that said I'm not playing around anymore.

The first thing Soccara mentioned was Taco Bell and I frowned.

Puzzled I asked, “Where did you get a burrito?”

Soccara rolled her eyes and replied, “You, hid it in in the fridge yesterday remember?”

Ugh, we both have been told repeatedly her health requires her to be on a strict diet and now she is sick because of my burrito. There is no possible way I'm going to be able to explain this to any of the kids if this gets worse.

Soccara ridiculed my idea a burrito gave her hives. “You don't know what you're talking about that's not possible.”

In my mind, I hoped it was a food allergy and not something more sinister.

I Googled anything I could find on Taco Bell allergies while she smeared hydrocortisone lotion all over her stomach.

“If my idea sucks why do we happen to have a tube of this laying around?” I said smugly.

We both shrugged not recalling how we acquired the hydrocortisone and continued what we were doing.

At that point, Abby walked up to me and said, “grandpa I have to tell you something.”

I pretended not to hear her at first thinking it was more backpack talk but finally, I put my phone down to answer her.

“Hey, little momma what do you have to tell grandpa”

“Grandpa, Grandma is not your mommy and neither am I!”

Abby, you are 100 percent right but I think me calling grandma and you momma is ok because I love you both very much. If you love someone it's totally fine to say trust me.

Abby then walked over to Soccara and said, “momma I'm going to help take care of you everything is going to be ok.”

I wiped a tear from my eyes just then and thought “god, she's so tiny but has such a big heart.”

30 minutes later the hives calmed and everything went back to normal.

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