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Death Sentence
2018-01-29, 11:59 p.m.

Here’s the scenario a guy and his wife are moving to another state they live with his mother who owns the house and is very ill. They will be moving in a week or two and the mother will basically die once they are gone,,, she can’t pay any of the bills or get by on her own and she’s refusing to go to a nursing home so someone can care for her.
How is this ok? This can’t be allowed I will not let her die,,, this is sooo fucked up,,,,, my mom died of cancer in Florida and I didn’t know ,,,, I wasn’t there for her,,, I’m so sorry mom,,, please forgive me,,,I know you can’t read this but I need to vent.. I promised you when I was little I would be there when you were old and I wasn’t I’m so very sorry mom,, I’m gong help this lady mom I promise I won’t let her die alone and scared. I know it won’t make things right with us ,,, please forgive me.

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